Duran Duran Sing Blue Silver ad (1985)

Sing Blue Silver

Here are the official details:

In 1984, Duran Duran toured Canada and America. It was their first major tour as headliners in these two countries. Over 79 days, they travelled approximately 18,000 miles and played 51 shows in 43 cities to over 550,000 fans. The entire tour was filmed for this behind the scenes documentary, which offers some fascinating and intriguing glimpses into the fun, glamour, agony, ecstasy and ultimate glory of three months on the road. The band is shown thriving on the pressures, psyching themselves up pre-stage and then delivering their all to a thunderous response. The production manager, tour manager, road crew are frequently caught fraught with last minute panics and touring nerves. Hoards of hysterical fans are seen chasing down and beating on the band’s limo and with a camera placed inside the car it gives the viewer an insight into how loud and sinister that must have been. And in between all of this comes the great music. Sing Blue Silver captures the excitement and hysteria that was, and still is, the live Duran Duran experience.

And later, the updated version (for the DVD release):

In 1984, Duran Duran undertook the hugely ambitious “Arena” tour. Apart from a fleeting appearance at 1985’s “Live Aid” concert, this series of shows was the last time the original lineup of the band performed together until their successful reunion in 2003. They took film director Russell Mulcahy along for the ride, and he executed the footage in style by producing the concert film ARENA. SING BLUE SILVER is designed as a complimentary release to ARENA, and includes previously unseen footage that failed to make the final cut of the film. An intriguing look at one of the hottest bands of the ’80s, this release offers a behind the scenes glimpse at the band who, for many, provided the soundtrack of the decade.

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