Vintage Duran Duran Simon Le Bon

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Duranies Unite

Duranies Unite Newsletter #2

This is the original Duranies Unite newsletter #2 sent out to club members in 1983. In addition to the usual pleas

Fan club

DD fan club welcome letter

Here’s the front and back of the Duran Duran welcome letter (written by Simon) sent to new fanclub members around 1983-4.

John Taylor

DD in Italy, via Japan

Here are photos of Duran Duran at a press conference and walking around a bit — probably in Italy — all

Fan art

Drawing of Simon

Our very own talented Anji drew this picture of Simon in 1983!  

Magazine photos

Simon sans shirt (1985)

This poster of a shirtless Simon appeared in Star Hits magazine’s May, 1985 issue:


Duran Duran viert nooit vakaitie!

Here’s an article — apparently an interview with Simon — from a German music magazine called Muziek Expres, probably from 1984.  


Quickies: Wives & girlfriends

Scrapbook pages Here are four pages of assorted press clippings, most of which deal with the band’s girlfriends and weddings —

Simon fever (1983)

Simon fever: Everybody’s got it! We move a lot basically because all of us are deeply physically affected by the music


Simon talks about Arena

Arena antics Simon chats about being #1 in the USA and the concept behind and the making of Duran Duran’s long-form

Andy Taylor

Durandemonium! (1984)

This three-page article appeared in Star Hits magazine while the boys were recording Seven and the Ragged Tiger in Australia. “Duran

Magazine photos

Simon & Nick

Here are Simon and Nick — possibly at an awards ceremony, in around 1985.