Vintage Duran Duran Promo, contests & ads

Duranies Unite

Duranies Unite Fan Club Flyer

As the size and scope of Anji’s Duranies Unite fan club grew, so did the promotional letter size. This 1984 flyer


The thrill of it all

The blood, the tears, the toil, the sweat — it’s all here as we escort the winners of our Duran Duran

Promo, contests & ads

“Ultimate” giveaway contest (1985)

Win! Duran Duran albums – posters – color pictures – videos… the ultimate giveaway contest “You’ve seen Duran Duran’s gorgeous faces


Help Duran Duran make a movie

[box type=”shadow”]This little contest appeared in SuperTeen magazine during early 1984. I guess not enough Duranies sent in these little tiny ballots (asking a