Duranies Unite Newsletter #2

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This is the original Duranies Unite newsletter #2 sent out to club members in 1983. In addition to the usual pleas for club member participation like sending in content for upcoming issues and ongoing fan projects like bulk buying items imported from the UK such as an SFX cassette tape interview with Nick and Simon. Also included is a doodle of Simon and Roger with the note,

“I’ve got an example drawing here which I doodled in History class. I know it isn’t too good but hey, you got to admit that it’s better than the cover of DD Live!”


duranies unite-2

The remainder of the newsletter is composed of Simon’s brief explanation of his lyrics on the then-new Seven and the Ragged Tiger album taken from Duran Duran: The Official Lyric Book published by the Hal Leonard Corporation. These notes were apparently “written by Simon between Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 on the plan from Sydney to London,” as was noted at the bottom of the page.

“Seven and the Ragged Tiger” was once the title of a song on the album. The song got scrapped but the name remained present in “The Seventh Stranger” and “Tiger Tiger,” all songs written in the studio around nuclei which had come before

The “Union of the Snake” we chose this a single because at the time it had more potency and identity, than any other song. It’s about the fear present in the shallows of the conscience mind the subconscience mind is about to break through the dam. An extremely sexual image.

“New Moon On Monday” Jesus I love this song. It’s about lasting competition, about confidence, and patience through frustration. The guy’s been at this party for tow days and he knows that the girl wants him. But she won’t come off the dance floor so he goes outside for a party in the moon in anticipation of triumph.

“Shadows On Your Side” Many references to the band. The life we lead and the escape we find.

“The Reflex” is the result of standing in front of the mic with no lyrics and making them up on the spot. I think it’s about a little friend, but I’m not sure.

“I Take the Dice” is a tango. It’s about meeting (wide eyes) with luck (a little girl). I keep remembering something but I can’t remember what. The innocent keep winning.

“Cracks In the Pavement” Inner struggle at a party causes a freakout. Result: paranoiac takes a long way home in the dark.

“Of Crime and Passion” is pretty heavy. In Montserrat we used to call it the monster. I supposed it had to turn out to be a horror story, really!

“The Seventh Stranger” used to be “Seven and the Ragged Tiger.” My favorite track on the LP. I think best desrcibed at the acceptance of tragedy. I love the shape of the song. It sounds like a never-ending journey. Escape of search.

The newsletter concludes with the lyrics to “Khanada” and a photo of Simon. The top of the newsletter features a comedic photo of Andy with the title “Duranies 2.” The heavily xeroxed photos combined with the crude manual typewriter text lends an almost punk-rock feel to this very 80’s newsletter.


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