When Princess Diana & Prince Charles missed Duran Duran’s concert encore (1983)

When Princess Diana and Prince Charles missed Duran Duran's concert encore (1983)

Duran Fan Di misses out

The Sun – July 21 1983

Charmer … Di arrives to see Duran Duran – Royals leave before Simon’s big encore

PRINCE CHARLES and Princess Di missed the best part of Duran Duran’s fabulous concert last night. For the Royal couple thought the show had ended, and left their seats before the famous five came back on stage for an encore. This featured a frenzied version of their hit song Girls on Film.

Earlier the Prince and Princess winced visibly as screaming fans cheered on Duran Duran, who pumped out a deafeningly loud rendering of more than a dozen of their hits.

Moments before the show started at London’s Dominion Theatre, Charles and Di chatted and laughed with the most adored pop group in Britain.

The Prince told vocalist Simon Le Bon; “I hear there were lots ladies wilting on ethe tarmac at Heathrow when you arrived yesterday.”

And Di, who wore a slinky emerald green and white dress, asked Simon, “Have you all been practicing furiously? You must be exhausted. I don’t envy you.”

Princess Diana - Duran Duran fan - The Sun - July 21 1983 (2)

Princess Diana - Duran Duran fan - The Sun - July 21 1983 (1)


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