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Duran weddings! Nick & Roger (1985)

A look at Nick’s wedding day

A 22-year-old Nick Rhodes married his 25-year-old girlfriend of two years, Iowa girl Julie Anne Friedman, at a registrar’s office in London on August 18, 1984. As People magazine reported at the time, “The decorations included six live pink flamingos, in keeping with the couple’s penchant for art deco. The bride, in a pink-and-white skintight gown, and the groom, in pale blue shirt and a mauve cutaway with tails, cut the three-tiered cake from Harrod’s and danced until 1 a.m. before joining their parents to open presents. (The Friedmans gave them a sterling service for 12.) The next day the pair left for a three-week cruise aboard a private yacht to the Greek islands.”

Just over two years later, the couple welcomed their daughter, Tatjana Lee Orchid. In 1992, however, the two filed for divorce.

At the end of the article, they also show a photo of Roger Taylor’s wedding to Giovanna.




From 16 Magazine, January 1985

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