The time Claire Stansfield tweaked Simon Le Bon’s nose in People magazine

The time Claire Stansfield tweaked Simon Le Bon's nose in People magazine

Tweak of the week: People magazine (c1984)

Simon Le Bon, 26, lead singer of Duran Duran, had le nez pulled at the ASCAP awards, held at London’s snooty Claridge’s Hotel.

The beak-tweaker was steady sweetheart Claire Stansfield, a 20-year-old model. Duran Duran’s hits “Hungry Like the Wolf” and “Is There Something I Should Know?” were nominated for awards. Both won by a nose.


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2 Responses

  1. Isn’t it spooky how much Ms. Stansfield looked like Yasmin Parveneh? Same type of facial bone structure. I don’t nose how Mr. Le Bon got away with it but then, many people were easily distracted and there was little to none of the mob justice (democracy) that is seen today.

  2. I was not and never have been what may be described as a Duranie. Yet I was around in the 80’s to see what was going on. As a youth in Britain of the time, popular culture was thrust upon us. For example, the murder of John Lennon in December 1980 is truly unforgettable. Genuinely, it was as though the clocks stopped for 24 — 72 hours when the news of the Tragedy came through just before midnight on the 8th. Like when Bowie died. The shock was palpable.

    Anyhow. As an historian, I look at all sorts of sources. Biographies provide additional information; background colour and detail for the periods in question. Especially when written with the help of an insider. To that end, I am currently reading “Wild Boy” by Andy Taylor. It is a riot. I now see Duran Duran in a different light. I recommend it. Although, some fans may become disconcerted or even disappointed with their heroes? Balance that with the fact that Mr. Taylor fair yo-yoed in and out of the band from circa 1985, til his final(never say never?) exit in ca.2002 yet, Duran Duran persist to the present with their latest album release in October 2021.

    Undoubtedly, a lot of growing up & maturity has taken place in a group which began as teenagers and are now granndfathers. Which to be fair to Mr. Taylor, he does touch upon consistently throughout the course of the book.

    “Wild Boy” is a cap which
    Mr. Taylor would like to think was tailored for him because of his excesses. Nevertheless, conveyed consistently is Mr. Taylor’s Down to Earth good, Common Sense – aided & abetted then by his trusty girlfriend and now wonderful wife, Tracey. Mr & Mrs.Taylor had four sons & are still together now. A marvel in the music industry that is never referred to but then, perhaps that is wisest, so as not to break the magic surrounding them. Best Wishes to the Taylor’s. Long may they live happily & peacefully. They deserve to.

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