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Duran Members Handmade Dolls

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Duranies Unite fanzine founder, Anji Bee, created hand made dolls of all 5 Duran Duran members – plus their wives/girlfriends...

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DD fan club welcome letter

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Here’s the front and back of the Duran Duran welcome letter (written by Simon) sent to new fanclub members around 1983-4. 273 Broad...

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Limited Edition magazine: John issues

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Limited Edition #15: A well-earned rest   Limited Edition #7: Snake charmed to the top   Limited Edition #10: Beyond the moon to...

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Union of the Snake lyrics (1983)

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First single from Seven and the Ragged Tiger “Union of the Snake,” released on 17 October 1983, was the band’s 9th...

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Limited Edition #19 – Whole band

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Here’s my old mint-condition Duran Duran Limited Edition magazine from the mid-1980s — and the original price tag still on the...

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Limited Edition magazine: Nick issues

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Limited Edition #20: Into 85 with a bang   Limited Edition #16: Relaxing in the sun   Limited Edition #6: The union of the...

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John Taylor Book Signing In Hollywood

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Duranies Unite founder, Anji Bee, finally got to meet her favorite Duran Duran member, John Taylor, at his recent In The Pleasure Groove...

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Duranie Unite Band Member Pages

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When folks signed up for the Duranies Unite Fan Club, they were sent a page on their favorite band member, including original content...

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Duranies Unite Fan Club Letter

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This is the original half-sheet letter that Duranies Unite founder, Anji Bee, sent out to her friends and family to help promote her...

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John Taylor Woodworking Project

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Anji’s brother, Brian, created a custom John Taylor “JT” logo in his Jr. High woodshop class in the mid-80’s as a...

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Duran Photo Mirror (1983)

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Anji picked up this 6×6 silk screened mirror of Duran Duran from a carny at the 1983 Arizona State Fair (where she saw hot new band,...

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John Taylor’s personal history of DD

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John’s personal history of Duran Duran It was inevitable that John Taylor would become a rock musician. At the age of 14, he started...

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DUCK #3: Birthday double issue (1985)

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John & Nick birthday issue from the summer of 1985 This 40-page issue of our DUCK fanzine went out in June/July of 1985, and was a...

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Are they really in love?

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Duran Duran und ihre Begleiterinnen: That means “Duran Duran and their companions,” and the main title — “Wie...

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Clip-out diary & fact sheets

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Duran Duran clip-out diary: Simon, John, Nick, Andy & Roger These basic fact sheets/diary pages — with space for your own...

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