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Anji With Carnival Japanese 12″ Vinyl

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Duran Duran’s Facebook page is celebrating the release of the Carnival EP today, asking fans if they owned a copy of it. Duranies...

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Duranies Unite First 4 Issues

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In 1984, Anji combined the first 4 issues of Duranies Unite together with a fan club intro letter to send out to all of the new members...

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Duranie Unite Band Member Pages

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When folks signed up for the Duranies Unite Fan Club, they were sent a page on their favorite band member, including original content...

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Duranies Unite Sample Letter

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Overwhelmed by the amount of mail generated from her ad in Teen Bag magazine, Duranies Unite founder, Anji Bee, created a form letter...

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Duranies Unite Fan Club Flyer

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As the size and scope of Anji’s Duranies Unite fan club grew, so did the promotional letter size. This 1984 flyer features Duran...

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Duranies Unite Fan Club Letter

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This is the original half-sheet letter that Duranies Unite founder, Anji Bee, sent out to her friends and family to help promote her...

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DUCK #3: Birthday double issue (1985)

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John & Nick birthday issue from the summer of 1985 This 40-page issue of our DUCK fanzine went out in June/July of 1985, and was a...

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DUCK issue 5 (1985)

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Duranies Unite – Carnival – Khanada Over these five pages, check out the complete issue of DUCK issue #5! This was also the DU...

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Spot the error game / Rio review

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Anji’s junior high journalism final project was a ‘zine created by herself and a small group of classmates. Being a UK music...

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The DUCK fanzine story

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On the anniversary of Duranies Unite… Here’s how Anji explained our little fanzine merger back around 1985…...

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Andy becomes a father! (1984)

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Here’s an original mock-up of a page from my old Khanada...

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