We’re hot, let’s rock

This Duran Duran interview — likely from a press conference — was published in SuperTeen, apparently during the first half of


Duranie answers: Sally

Up in Minot, North Dakota, Sally’s favorite band member was “Jaunty John Taylor.”

Lyric sheets

Save a Prayer lyrics

Save a Prayer You saw me standing by the wall corner of the main street And the lights are flashing on


Simon talks about Arena

Arena antics Simon chats about being #1 in the USA and the concept behind and the making of Duran Duran’s long-form


Wunnerful, wunnerful (1984)

An unwritten dream “Consisting of a guy named Rhodes, a guy named le Bon, three guys named Taylor (no relations in


Duranie answers: Tammy

Indianapolis fan Tammy considered Simon John Charles Le Bon to be her favorite guy in the band.


The DUCK fanzine story

On the anniversary of Duranies Unite… Here’s how Anji explained our little fanzine merger back around 1985…  


Duranie answers: Susie

Susie, a fan for about two years, named “Nicky” Rhodes as her favorite band member.

Andy Taylor

Durandemonium! (1984)

This three-page article appeared in Star Hits magazine while the boys were recording Seven and the Ragged Tiger in Australia. “Duran

Magazine photos

Simon & Nick

Here are Simon and Nick — possibly at an awards ceremony, in around 1985.  

Magazine covers

Duran on Star mag (1985)

Duran Duran on the cover of Star magazine A cartoon of the band appeared on the Christmas cover (dated January 1985)


The Reflex video (1984)

The Reflex debuts “The Reflex” was DD’s 11th single, released April 16, 1984. I remember that MTV played it at the


Duran Duran trading cards

These black & white sheets of trading cards to cut out feature each of the band members — along with bio


Duran intro from 1982

“A following such as this is not bad for a two-year-old group with an average age of 20.”

John Taylor

John Taylor goes swimming

This pic simply shows John Taylor in a swimming pool, with a camera and a speedo… and not much else. It