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Union of the Snake lyrics (1983)

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First single from Seven and the Ragged Tiger “Union of the Snake,” released on 17 October 1983, was the band’s 9th...

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Welcome to the Power Station

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John talks Power Station This article appeared in 1984 in Star Hits magazine. Here’s how it begins: “Why is Diana Ross in the...

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The thrill of it all

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The blood, the tears, the toil, the sweat — it’s all here as we escort the winners of our Duran Duran Win-a-Date contest to...

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Making of The Reflex video (1984)

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A day to remember John Taylor: “The day we made ‘The Reflex ‘video” “What’s so special about this...

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John Taylor Star Hits cover (1985)

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John Taylor was the cover boy for Star Hits magazine in May,...

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Durandemonium! (1984)

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This three-page article appeared in Star Hits magazine while the boys were recording Seven and the Ragged Tiger in Australia. “Duran...

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Duran Duran’s poll picks (1984)

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DD are number 1 In the 1st Annual Star Hits readers’ poll in 1984, Duran Duran were the winners, and Simon won the award for best...

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Meet the Fab Five contest (1984)

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Win a one night stand with Duran Duran! contest The tough question you needed to know to win: Where did the band get their...

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Simon Le Bon: Star Hits cover (1984)

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Simon looked tanned and freckled on the cover of Star Hits magazine in...

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Duran Duran Star Hits cover (1984)

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Duran Duran on the cover of Star Hits, in February...

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