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Duran Members Handmade Dolls

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Duranies Unite fanzine founder, Anji Bee, created hand made dolls of all 5 Duran Duran members – plus their wives/girlfriends...

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DD fan club welcome letter

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Here’s the front and back of the Duran Duran welcome letter (written by Simon) sent to new fanclub members around 1983-4. 273 Broad...

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Union of the Snake lyrics (1983)

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First single from Seven and the Ragged Tiger “Union of the Snake,” released on 17 October 1983, was the band’s 9th...

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Duran Photo Mirror (1983)

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Anji picked up this 6×6 silk screened mirror of Duran Duran from a carny at the 1983 Arizona State Fair (where she saw hot new band,...

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DD have something to prove (1983)

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Duran Duran interview from Circus magazine “Having performed four shows in four nights at London’s cavernous Wembley Arena,...

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Roger Taylor poster page

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This poster of Roger appeared in British mag No 1 in October,...

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John Taylor reviews singles (1983)

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Our best guess is that this set of music reviews by John appeared in September 1983 in the UK magazine, Smash...

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Andy Taylor poster page (1983)

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Andy Taylor appeared as a poster boy in the back of Britain’s No 1 magazine in November 1983. Here’s a cropped version of the...

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Is There Something I Should Know?

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Is There Something I Should Know? video The song popularly (and annoyingly) known by many as “Please, Please Tell Me now,” was...

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John Taylor portrait circa 1983

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Pencil drawn portrait of John Taylor done by Anji “Nick” Bee sometime in 1983.  ...

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DD: Magazine reader letters

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Duran scrapbook pages There are lots of topics covered on these four scrapbook pages, but one thing all of these pages have in common is...

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DD in the hot seat (1983)

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Duran Duran in the hot seat! Simon, Nick and the Taylors three answer some frequently asked...

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Drawing of Simon

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Our very own talented Anji drew this picture of Simon in 1983!...

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John in Aria bass ad (1983)

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Here’s a 1983¬†ad featuring John Taylor, promoting the Aria Pro II bass...

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Ragged Tiger reviews & clippings (1983)

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These two scrapbook pages feature newspaper and magazine clippings from the time of the Seven and the Ragged Tiger album release, as well as a few other short news pieces on the band.

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