Help Duran Duran make a movie

[box type=”shadow”]This little contest appeared in SuperTeen magazine during early 1984. I guess not enough Duranies sent in these little tiny ballots (asking a totally different question), because the band never did become “BIG movie stars.” – NJP[/box]


We want to make a movie & need your help!

“In about 100 words, send your ideas for storylines for Duran Duran’s first movie to us here at SuperTeen, and we’ll forward all of your responses directly to the guys, who will no doubt consider your suggestions! You know how powerful fan letters can be. A good example is the movie The Outsiders, which probably wouldn’t have been made at all without the help of fans of the book…

“If you’re a Duran fan — and we know thousands! — here’s your chance to help put them in the movies! Roger, Nick, John, Andy and Simon have definitely got what it takes to be BIG movie stars, real screen idols! So just send us your story ideas with the ballot below and you can try and win Duran prizes! Long live Duran-mania!”


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