Duran Duran: More more

Duran Duran live is a very special experience for the band — and for their audience!

“For Duran Duran, it’s probably just another stop on their US tour — one of 52 shows during 74 days of travel. But for the sold-out house, wherever the location, it’s a special night that thousands of fans have been waiting for. Many of the people here tonight spent anywhere from 16 to 26 hours in line waiting for tickets to what they consider ‘the most important’ night of their lives. From the moment the 30-man crew, five trucks and three buses pull up at the arena at 7:00 am, until the last truck door slams shut at 2:45 am to hit the road again, the fans never leave the vicinity of the loading areas, parking lots, and stage doors, hoping for a pre- or post-concert glimpse of John Taylor, Simon Le Bon, Andy Taylor, Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor.”

Rock magazine, July 1984


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