Spot the error game / Rio review

Anji’s junior high journalism final project was a ‘zine created by herself and a small group of classmates. Being a UK music geek, she paid homage to the famous UK paper, Melody Maker, which of course included a bit of Duran Duran content. Please enjoy the following salient bits from this May 27, 1983 “publication.”

For ease of reading, here is a transcript of Anji’s review:

Duran Duran – Rio


Already gold, this is the 2nd album for this big English group.


Rio is quite different from their debut album in that it’s more pop-influenced and therefore suited to us Americans – which is exactly what they had planned when they recorded it.


The biggest hits are “Hungry Like The Wolf” and “Rio,” which you may have seen the videos for, followed by “Lonely In Your Nightmare” and “Save A Prayer.”


Watch out for this band which they say may be the next Beatles!


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