DUCK issue 5 (1985)

Duranies Unite – Carnival – Khanada

Over these five pages, check out the complete issue of DUCK issue #5! This was also the DU (Duranies Unite) anniversary issue.

Here’s what appeared in #5!

  1. Correspondence for DUCK
  2. Odds and ends, a scrap box
  3. the anniversary of DU cover story
  4. Cover story, cont.
  5. Quack… wild duck calls
  6. Quack, cont.
  7. Roger portrait by Angie T
  8. Discover DD thru their zodiac signs
  9. Duranimal House
  10. DH, cont.
  11. Ask Susi
  12. Susi’s Live Aid diary
  13. The day we saw John Taylor’s shoe & more
  14. Above, cont.
  15. Music Life’s Simon Q&A
  16. Strawberries & sex and the cast of Zodiac
  17. Book review
  18. Various…

duran duran - DUCK issue 5


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