Teen Durandemonium becomes a book

To Duran Duran, With Love

[box type=”shadow”]This is a newspaper story about a 14-year-old Duranie named Stacey Huggins who wanted to do something big in honor of her favorite band… so she wrote and assembled and published a 64-page book called “To Duran Duran, With Love.” Published in 1984, the softcover volume featured band facts and fan feedback of all kinds, including notes of adulation and adoration.

Oddly enough, by the time this article came out, Stacey’s obsession had apparently waned. She told the reporter who wrote this piece, “They’re kinda slipping… They’re not doing anything! Three have gotten married. Two went into a separate band. They haven’t done any new stuff. No videos or anything. I still like them deep down, but…”[/box]


Teen’s Durandemonium becomes her first book


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