Vintage Duran Duran Magazine photos

Magazine photos

Nick poster pix

These two poster pages of Nick appeared back-to-back on nice thick paper stock inside a Japanese music magazine in 1983 or

John Taylor

DD in Italy, via Japan

Here are photos of Duran Duran at a press conference and walking around a bit — probably in Italy — all

John Taylor

John’s cute tie fail

John Taylor in February 1984 Here are two John Taylor pinup pages from the same press conference (and showing the same

John Taylor

John poster page

This single-page magazine poster of John published in Bop shows him posing outside, apparently somewhere in Europe.

Magazine photos

From the photo reject pile…

This terrible, blooper-reel-worthy photo — which almost any photographer and magazine would have (should have) tossed because of Simon’s half-closed eyes alone —

John Taylor

John in B&W

These five fantastic black and white photos of John Taylor appeared in a Japanese music magazine in 1983 or 1984.

Simon fever (1983)

Simon fever: Everybody’s got it! We move a lot basically because all of us are deeply physically affected by the music

Magazine photos

Simon & Nick

Here are Simon and Nick — possibly at an awards ceremony, in around 1985.  

John Taylor

John Taylor goes swimming

This pic simply shows John Taylor in a swimming pool, with a camera and a speedo… and not much else. It

John Taylor

Pensive John in Japan

John looks uncomfortable perched on a sofa, but at least he’s wearing his black leather pants and white jazz shoes. This