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Anji With Carnival Japanese 12″ Vinyl

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Duran Duran’s Facebook page is celebrating the release of the Carnival EP today, asking fans if they owned a copy of it. Duranies...

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Duran Members Handmade Dolls

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Duranies Unite fanzine founder, Anji Bee, created hand made dolls of all 5 Duran Duran members – plus their wives/girlfriends...

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Duranies Unite First 4 Issues

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In 1984, Anji combined the first 4 issues of Duranies Unite together with a fan club intro letter to send out to all of the new members...

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Duranie Unite Band Member Pages

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When folks signed up for the Duranies Unite Fan Club, they were sent a page on their favorite band member, including original content...

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Duranies Unite Sample Letter

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Overwhelmed by the amount of mail generated from her ad in Teen Bag magazine, Duranies Unite founder, Anji Bee, created a form letter...

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John Taylor Woodworking Project

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Anji’s brother, Brian, created a custom John Taylor “JT” logo in his Jr. High woodshop class in the mid-80’s as a...

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DUCK #3: Birthday double issue (1985)

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John & Nick birthday issue from the summer of 1985 This 40-page issue of our DUCK fanzine went out in June/July of 1985, and was a...

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Nick Rhodes autograph / message (1984)

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Nick Rhodes autographed a Seven and the Ragged Tiger flat with a special message for Duranies Unite founder, Anji. Sadly the flat has...

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More days with Duran Duran (1984)

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“I’m with the band” Here are some stories from fans about meeting DD, as published in Teen Bag...

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Duran drawing letterhead

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Full band pencil portrait done by Anji for use as a letterhead. This is a scan of a xerox, as we couldn’t locate the original...

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John Taylor portrait circa 1983

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Pencil drawn portrait of John Taylor done by Anji “Nick” Bee sometime in 1983.  ...

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Andy Taylor portrait circa 1984

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Rather tragic looking pencil drawn portrait of Andy Taylor done by Anji Bee in...

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Teen Durandemonium becomes a book

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To Duran Duran, With Love This is a newspaper story about a 14-year-old Duranie named Stacey Huggins who wanted to do something big in...

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Drawing of Simon

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Our very own talented Anji drew this picture of Simon in 1983!...

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DD binder doodles

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Duran Duran duran duran duran durannnnn This is the cover of one of the binders that I used in the 1980s to store lots of the magazine...

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