Vintage Duran Duran Whole band


Duran Members Handmade Dolls

Duranies Unite fanzine founder, Anji Bee, created hand made dolls of all 5 Duran Duran members – plus their wives/girlfriends –

Fan club

DD fan club welcome letter

Here’s the front and back of the Duran Duran welcome letter (written by Simon) sent to new fanclub members around 1983-4.

Duranies Unite

Duranies Unite Fan Club Letter

This is the original half-sheet letter that Duranies Unite founder, Anji Bee, sent out to her friends and family to help


Duran Photo Mirror (1983)

Anji picked up this 6×6 silk screened mirror of Duran Duran from a carny at the 1983 Arizona State Fair (where


Are they really in love?

Duran Duran und ihre Begleiterinnen: That means “Duran Duran and their companions,” and the main title — “Wie verliebt sind sie wirklich?” translates as “What they


Clip-out diary & fact sheets

Duran Duran clip-out diary: Simon, John, Nick, Andy & Roger These basic fact sheets/diary pages — with space for your own

Magazine covers

On the cover of Bop (1984)

The July 1984 issue of Bop magazine offered “Sexy scrapbook pics!” of Duran Duran, along with a “delicious” centerfold, and 11


Wild Boys branch out (1985)

Duran Duran: The Wild Boys branch out “Catching up with the meterorically successful members of Duran Duran is no easy task.


How to score with Duran Duran

“Almost never in the history of rock and roll has there been a band so jam-packed with heavenly-looking guys — and


DD videos, one by one (1984)

Duran Duran on film Duran Duran’s clean sweep of the video categories at the Grammy Awards just proved to the world what

Fan art

Duran drawing letterhead

Full band pencil portrait done by Anji for use as a letterhead. This is a scan of a xerox, as we


The thrill of it all

The blood, the tears, the toil, the sweat — it’s all here as we escort the winners of our Duran Duran


DD: Magazine reader letters

Duran scrapbook pages There are lots of topics covered on these four scrapbook pages, but one thing all of these pages


DD in Music Man (Germany)

Duran Duran: Schön, schöner, am schönster Here’s a Duran Duran article from around 1984 from the German magazine Music Man.


DD in the hot seat (1983)

Duran Duran in the hot seat! Simon, Nick and the Taylors three answer some frequently asked questions


Hungry Like The Wolf video

“I’m on the hunt I’m after you” Duran Duran released their fifth single in the UK — “Hungry Like The Wolf”


Duran, ya makin’ us crazy!

Duran, ya makin’ us crazy! “That means ‘jolly good show, chaps’ in America, where Duran are now extremely big news. So

Magazine photos

From the photo reject pile…

This terrible, blooper-reel-worthy photo — which almost any photographer and magazine would have (should have) tossed because of Simon’s half-closed eyes alone —


Are they really available?

Duran Duran: Are they really available? “If you’ve had these kinds of thoughts on more than one occasion, then perhaps you should ask yourself