Vintage Duran Duran Nancy


Too much too soon?

Duran Duran: Too much too soon? Today, they are one of the most successful rock bands in the world, and yet


Rio video (1982)

“Her name is Rio, and she dances on the sand” Duran Duran released their seventh single — “Rio” — on the

Simon fever (1983)

Simon fever: Everybody’s got it! We move a lot basically because all of us are deeply physically affected by the music


Planet Earth video (1981)

“Voices, another sound, can you hear me now?” “Planet Earth” was Duran Duran’s debut single, and was released on February 2,

Fan art

Nick ink drawing

We can’t seem to find the information about the artist of this pen and ink drawing of Nick Rhodes, but we


Duran Duran: More more

Duran Duran live is a very special experience for the band — and for their audience! “For Duran Duran, it’s probably


Duranie answers: Lisa

John fan Lisa said she spent 24 hours a day listening to or otherwise thinking about Duran Duran.


Puffy DD stickers

This set of 6 Duran Duran puffy stickers are still in their original package! Sadly, there’s no Andy sticker. :P


Duran Duran in Creem (1984)

Duran Duran Am What They Yam: And That’s the Snakes (<< worst title ever) “The belligerent, black North Sea crashes with


Making world records

Duran Duran: Making world records “Duran Duran’s fresh style and exploding pop rhythms have set the music world on fire… Their


Help Duran Duran make a movie

[box type=”shadow”]This little contest appeared in SuperTeen magazine during early 1984. I guess not enough Duranies sent in these little tiny ballots (asking a


Duranie answers: Zandra

Alexandra (Zandra) from Brooklyn, New York was a Simon fan at the time she filled out this questionnaire… but her favorite


We’re hot, let’s rock

This Duran Duran interview — likely from a press conference — was published in SuperTeen, apparently during the first half of


Duranie answers: Sally

Up in Minot, North Dakota, Sally’s favorite band member was “Jaunty John Taylor.”

Lyric sheets

Save a Prayer lyrics

Save a Prayer You saw me standing by the wall corner of the main street And the lights are flashing on


Simon talks about Arena

Arena antics Simon chats about being #1 in the USA and the concept behind and the making of Duran Duran’s long-form


Wunnerful, wunnerful (1984)

An unwritten dream “Consisting of a guy named Rhodes, a guy named le Bon, three guys named Taylor (no relations in


Duranie answers: Tammy

Indianapolis fan Tammy considered Simon John Charles Le Bon to be her favorite guy in the band.


Duranie answers: Susan/Charly

Susan, aka Charly, from Marietta, Georgia said she loved all the band members — and all the songs — equally.


The DUCK fanzine story

On the anniversary of Duranies Unite… Here’s how Anji explained our little fanzine merger back around 1985…  


Duranie answers: Susie

Susie, a fan for about two years, named “Nicky” Rhodes as her favorite band member.